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Frequently Asked Questions

You are responsible for preparing and presenting the claim to your insurance company. This won’t be very easy and time-consuming, especially at a time when your family or business needs your attention.

Your claim will not proceed until your insurance company accepts liability. Once liability has been accepted, the process can commence with returning your property to pre-loss condition.

Your Insurance Company will Loss Adjusters to represent them and look after their interests. Their primary aim will be to ascertain if the claim is valid.

They will ensure you have complied with all the terms of your insurance policy and attempt to reduce or reject the claim if you have not. They may also assign experts to assist their enquiries.

You may be advised the insurer’s Loss Adjuster is independent; this is not true. Everyone instructed by the Insurance company to attend your claim is responsible for protecting their interests, not yours. You would not attend court without professional legal assistance.

Then why not have professional assistance when making an insurance claim too? You are perfectly entitled to appoint a Loss Assessor to represent you with your claim. Once we are assigned to represent you, we will work tirelessly to expedite the claim. We undertake all aspects of the claim, including all communications, meetings, and paperwork. Let us take the strain from your claim. 

At Sabre, we use our experience to obtain the best possible settlement for our clients. If you choose the claim to be cash-settled, we charge a percentage of the settlement fee to reflect our involvement in the claim. Our fees are usually covered by the increase in the settlement we can obtain for you.

Where you select our network to undertake your restoration, the contractor covers our costs. Selecting this option will ensure there is no direct cost to you.